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Blurred Vision

  The year 2020 is such a good even number.  It rolls off the tongue nicely: twenny-twenny .  It's visually pleasing. I can just imagine all the new year's resolutions and campaigns centered on having 20/20 vision.  It just felt like a beautiful, perfect year to get shit together.  Who would've thought that it would turn out like this?  A freaking global pandemic!  A big nope to all your plans, the universe sends its regards!  And with all this time spent ruminating, I've been feeling really dissonant.  I feel like I'm at the edge of a pit, looking down at its bottomless, dreary infinite-ness.  It's not appealing at all. This post is not about the bottomless pit, though. This post is about hope, about the stars above if I just choose to look up.

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